Sunday, February 12, 2012

Teri J's Javas

Why I started raising Javas

My name is Teri Johnson. I am retired and live in Virginia. I’ve always wanted chickens.  I raised broilers for Tyson Foods for a couple of years. It was heartbreaking and that experience solidified my desire to raise birds in a more humane way. Some of my best memories are with my grandparents and their chickens. When my partner and I moved to a rural area in Virginia we decided it was time for me to have my own little flock.  

Mottled Java pullet
A friend and coworker of my partner has a nice flock of show quality Dominiques . She had won a dozen fertilized Mottle Java eggs from a local raffle and successfully hatched 7. When she found out I wanted chickens she introduced me to the Java peeps.  Finding out they were on the endangered list and were the second oldest breed in America hooked me, (not to mention they’re beautiful, docile and great foragers).  So I ended up with 7 new babies. That was Feb. 2011. It’s Feb 2012 and I have a total of 19 Mottled Javas. I hatched 7 of them via incubator and my pullet Jolene hatched 4. I have 9 eggs in the incubator now, and am going to let Jolene hatch some too.  All she wants to do is be a mom.  Even though this is a hobby and I love my birds as pets I am focused on breeding to the American Standard of Perfection.  I entered 2 cockerels and 1 pullet in the Virginia Poultry Breeders Association show this past Nov. While they were the only Javas there I was still proud to get best of breed and reserve with the cockerels and best of breed with the pullet.  All Javas pictured in this article belong to Teri.
Javas make excellent moms
Mottled Java cockeral
Young Javas foraging
Mottled Java pullet looking at the camera
Gorgeous cockeral
Would you like to see your Javas here in this spot next month? Send me your Java story and pictures saved as jpeg files to It can be a poultry show article, a story about your Javas and your experience with them or whatever else Java you can think of. We like Javas.


  1. Teri, Javas are a good choice, you are starting out with lovely birds that are rare and the foundation stock for a lot of other breeds.

  2. Very pretty pics of your birds! Came across doing research on this bird, just got one a few days ago, and wanted to what a mature wattle looks like. My girl is only 5 months, wattles haven't dropped yet, but I hear this breed takes a long time to mature and start laying. Appreciate any more hands on experience info if you care to share,

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