Monday, February 21, 2011

Java Chicken Recovery Project - complete this survey

Sorry but this survey is no longer active !!!

In 2005, ALBC began the Buckeye Conservation Project to see if a rare breed of chicken could be brought back to historic levels of productivity using time-honored selection methods that had largely been lost.

Over the course of several years, Buckeye chicks were hatched and continuously selected, breeders were engaged, clubs were formed, and awareness of the breed spread. The Buckeye project helped to create a “better Buckeye” that was able to meet historic Standards, making the breed potentially profitable and marketable.

In 2009, ALBC began a similar project with the Java chicken. Again, the goal is to increase the productivity of the Java breed through selective breeding that still meets APA Standards. To help execute this project, ALBC is searching for Java breeders around the country. They are collecting census information and looking for farmers to be involved in the project.
If you have questions about the ALBC Java Recovery Project or if you currently raise Javas, please contact Steve Moize at to help us learn more about your flock(s). Please complete the survey. PLEASE READ this survey is longer active but we are leaving this up to show all efforts to save Javas. 

Steven Moize
Research & Technical Programs Manager
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
PO Box 477
Pittsboro, NC 27312
(919) 542-5704 , Fax (919) 545-0022 


  1. I have 2 auburn java eggs in my incubator set to hatch in 1 week. They candled good 2 days ago, so I am sure they will both hatch. Hoping for a pullet and a cockerel pair

  2. I have 3 eggs going into lockdown today - I'm pretty excited.

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  4. Hatched 10 Auburn Javas from the Behl flock this April
    All 10 that hatched have survived to heal the adulthood and will soon be assessed for breeding vs culling as they are about 16 weeks old and have just finished their first adult molt. Still 4+ weeks from first egg.