Saturday, February 19, 2011

Poultry Show listings for 2011

photo courtesy of Dawn
My fellow Java peeps, lets get our show on this year. Yes show your Javas. If you have a Java that you think looks pretty good, than by all means SHOW IT. I have listed quite a few poultry shows for 2011. Its actually pretty simple. Once you have decided that you want to show and have selected the show you want to enter your Javas in, filled in the entry show and sent it off - now comes the fun part of getting your birds ready for the show!!! Get ready to wash your bird, yes its all about washing your chicken. Here is a list of items you will need.
  • baby shampoo
  • blueing for white birds
  • plastic jug
  • baby oil
  • clippers
  • orange sticks
  • cotton pads
  • towels
  • hair dryer,
  • newspaper
  • old towels
Place your bird into warm water, either in the bath (I'm a nut I wash mine in my bathtub LOL) and spray it with Lysol afterwords, or the kitchen sink, or outside in a bucket that is up on a table and free from drafts. Using your plastic jug, fill with warm water and pour gently over the bird, making sure that the bird is held fairly firmly with the other hand, otherwise the bird will take off, soaking everywhere!  Do this a couple of times to get the chicken wet, then put the shampoo into the palms of your hands and rub gently onto the bird, so as not to damage the feathers.  Make sure the bird is fully covered in shampoo. The head being done last, avoiding the eyes. Next, empty all the water, then squeeze excessive water from the underneath of the bird.  Pick up, place on newspaper and add fresh warm water into your sink, bath or pail.
Place the bird into fresh water and rinse the bird thoroughly. You may have to do this a couple of times. (For white birds only) you will need to mix up a bucket with blueing in it and let them set for a while. After this, squeeze out the water from the feathers of the bird and place bird on clean  newspaper. Cover and wrap the towel around the bird.  You can leave the bird wrapped while you look at the beak and toe nails to see if they need clipping.  Clip them if they need it being careful not to clip the quick (the blood supply).  Pat the bird with the towel to take excessive dampness away. This may take some time.  Next remove the towel and proceed to dry the bird, paying attention to under the wings and between the legs. Dry your bird well so that it does not get chilled.
Once your bird is dry, you can use the baby oil by putting a bit on a cotton pad and rubbing onto the comb and wattles, this makes them gleam.  Also you can use the oil on the legs.  Any dirt left on the toe nails, you can scrap away  with the orange sticks.  If you are clever you can use the orange sticks to get dirt out of the scales of your chickens legs, but do not do this if you are not confident enough as you do not want upset your bird by hurting it.

When you get ready to take your bird to the show you will need a box or animal carrier that has shavings on the bottom and plenty of air vents. Make sure to bring a jug of water and feed for your bird. Some shows provide feed. The feed they provide is usually scratch.
Best of luck with showing and you will eventually pick up plenty of tips on how to show your birds from other people. Watch out, you may get the show bird fever. Also does anyone else out there wash their birds in the sink or bathtub?? Do leave your comment and let us know.

List of 2011 Poultry Shows click here

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