Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Washington County Fair

courtesy of Dawn
 August is fair time, and small county fairs are a great place to show poultry.  We live in an increasingly suburban county just east of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, but the Washington County Fair is a popular event and celebration of agriculture every summer.  We bought day-old Black Javas from Duane Urch over a year and a half ago, so now have a small flock of various ages.  Along with his 4H events, our 15 year-old son entered his Javas in open division – an old breeding trio, a young breeding trio and hen with chicks. The chicks were a big hit and so cute at only four days old.   Many people asked about backyard coops as more communities permit chickens in the city.  It gave us a chance to promote the Java as a friendly, hardworking breed who can dependably provide breakfast year round.  
And the results of the fair? Grand champion senior poultry showmanship, reserve champion breeding pen, and three blue ribbons as icing on the cake! To see 34 more pics click here.
Black Java shown by Dawn

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