Sunday, October 30, 2011

Java Winners from The Crossroads Show

Black Java Bantam male at Crossroads (photos by Jim Ward)

I am posting the pictures of the Java winners at the Crossroads of America Poultry Show held in Indianapolis this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There were an amazing 10,276 entries at the Crossroads show this year. There were four exhibitors that showed 25 Black Javas, 7 Mottled Javas, and 14 Bantam Black Javas. That's right! Longtime Java breeder Monte Bowen has been developing a strain of bantam Black Javas for the past ten years and he chose the Crossroads show to reveal his creations. He started by crossing a standard black java cockerel and a black rock bantam pullet. His bantams are still about a pound too heavy but they have good type and are improving year by year. Monte Bowen also had the best and reserve variety standard mottled Javas. Moore Farms of Arkansas had best and reserve of breed with their black java pullets.  Jim Ward donated a pair of his Black Javas and also a pair of Dominiques to the APA/ABA Youth club raffle which was also a success--Jim also took the time to take these pictures and to get this story. Thanks to all the exhibitors and to Jim Ward for his donation. Donating birds to our youth and getting them interested in poultry is what keeps this hobby alive. A big huge thank you to Monte Bowen for his endeavor in creating the Java bantams. I wonder if he has a secret Mottled Java Project?

Black Java Bantam pullet (photos by Jim Ward)
Best of Breed LF Black Java pullet owned by Moore Farms
Reserve of Breed LF Black Java pullet owned by Moore Farms
Best of Variety Mottled Java pullet owned by Monte Bowen

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