Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thanks everyone

Thanks for your interest in the Java Club. I did the research on Javas and clubs and found the yahoo group and a few other things but not much. I really want the Java chickens to have a club, with members and a booth somewhere at a meet like other breeds have. I realize that this will take time. I do not charge any money to join and quarterly email newsletters will be free. All I want is participation from members. The only purpose of this is to keep Javas up on the web and to promote them. I want this also be free until there is a possibility down the line that it could have a small annual dues. What kills alot of clubs in the early stages is money. Its all about the Javas for me. I am just a website designer that breeds Javas and a few other birds. I am pretty good with the design aspect and with organization. Let me know. Thanks stay in touch and add your self and send me your articles etc. to post. It takes a village to preserve a breed.

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