Thursday, January 6, 2011

Java Standard of Perfection

The New 2010 Standard of Perfection coming soon !
Books should be available sometime in February 2011
The original Standard of Perfection

The American Standard of Perfection is the official publication for poultry fanciers in the U.S. First published in 1874 by the American Poultry Association, the Standard of Perfection Standard classifies and describes the standard physical appearance, coloring and temperament for all recognized breeds of poultry. It is also used by A.P.A judges at sanctioned poultry shows to judge poultry, and by those who participate in competitive showing and breeding to select birds that conform to the standard. The first edition of the book listed 41 breeds, and today's versions have nearly 60. There are 19 classes of poultry recognized by the American Poultry Association. Ten of these classes are devoted to chickens, of which 6 are classes of large breeds and 5 are bantam classes. There are four classes of ducks and three classes of geese, both divided by weight. All breeds of turkeys are grouped into one class.

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