Monday, March 21, 2011

Java Central

We will be in the April newsletter
Looking for some Javas? We have them right here at Java central. Chick season is here in full swing. Javas are the new must have hot item in the chicken world. How do I know?? Because of all the emails that I get from buyers looking for a start-up breeding pen and for all the others interested in eggs and chicks. Make sure to look at our breeders list. We have some of the best Java breeders right here as members in our club. We have Mottled Javas, Black Javas, a few White Javas and theres even rarer Auburn Javas. If you are interested in a chicken that looks good, lays good, tastes good, has a good personality and also is a great forager than you must be needing Javas. Javas are making a comeback and it will take a renewed interest of breeders looking for something different to keep the Java from the brinks of extinction. Make sure to join the Java Breeders of America Poultry club and you will be entered into a drawing for a dozen really fine Mottled Java hatching eggs to be donated by Tacey Perkins the Vice President of the Java Club. Also don't miss all the fine articles in our quarterly newsletter which is due out April first. Make sure Ruth has your contact info so that she can email you the next newsletter. You can contact Ruth at or

Black Java Cockeral owned by Amanda Allen

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