Monday, March 7, 2011

We are here to stay

Javas in the Poultry Press....If you haven't already subscribed to The Poultry Press Newspaper I would encourage you do so as soon as possible. The Poultry Press has been around since 1914. My dad used to get it in the mail when I was a kid. It is a must have for the serious poultry breeder or for the person who just wants to learn more about standard bred birds. The Java breed club has an ad out for a year plus every month our president, vice president and secretary write a two page or so article about the Java Breeders of America poultry club. I would suggest that you don't miss what they have to say. You can only read it in the poultry press. Here's what the poultry press has to say about its newspaper. "The Poultry Press is a family-owned and run monthly publication in a newspaper format which is mailed all over the world. Poultry Press is the essential guide for anyone who raises, shows or has an interest in poultry. Within each issue are numerous articles designed to better your breeding, hatching, raising and showing of poultry. They have listings in the form of advertisements which will let you know where the shows are in your area. In addition there are many advertisements where you can purchase Bantam Chickens, Large Fowl (Standard) Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, etc. In the back of the newspaper they have a Classified section where you can sell or find all types of poultry or poultry supplies or books or any other poultry related items. In addition a listing of the specific breed clubs and national organizations devoted to poultry can be found throughout the newspaper. They also have a section devoted to poultry judges that are available for hire from all over the country and Canada. There are plenty of pictures throughout the newspaper which show you the Champions and their owners throughout North America. You can subscribe today so that you do not miss out on a hobby that has brought such joy to countless numbers of individuals all over the world."

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