Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Auburn Java – Past & Present

The Auburn Java – Past & Present

The Auburn (or Red) Java was mentioned in early chicken literature and it seems its greatest claim to fame was being one of the parent breeds of the Rhode Island Red.  Janet Vorwald Dohner in an article dated July 2010 in “Mother Earth News” states:  “The Rhode Island Red was developed not by fanciers but by poultry farmers in the area of Little Compton, Rhode Island beginning about 1830.  The Rhode Island Red is widely considered to be the most successful dual-purpose breed in North America.  Because of its good production and other useful traits, the Rhode Island Red was one of the most successful and widespread farm flock birds for many years.” To finish reading this please click here.


  1. do u know of anyone who sells/ships aubren javas? vcowman46@aol.com